CBD Buyer Beware: Making Sense of CBD Labelling

cbd buyer beware

CBD Buyer Beware: Making Sense of CBD Labelling

Even for people in the business, it can sometimes take a moment to figure out how much CBD is in a particular product just from reading its label. For the consumer, especially those considering trying CBD for the first time, it can be downright mystifying. How much CBD is actually in a 30ml bottle of 2.5% strength? Is 1500mg a strong oil? If it is, then a 3000mg oil must be rocket fuel, right? Maybe. Maybe not. CBD buyer beware!

As in all walks of life, there are those who are happy to take advantage of confusion rather than attempting to clear it up – there are plenty of products out there which sound great at first glance and carry a price tag to match, but when you look into things a little deeper you find that the amount of CBD in the product is actually far less than suggested and that you are paying far more than you should as a result.

There are three key concepts which, once understood, will help to take the mystery out of CBD labelling and allow you to both evaluate products and make your purchases with confidence. We cover all three below.

You are paying for CBD

Just CBD. Not the fancy packaging, the carrier oil or the edible that contains the CBD. That’s not to say that the costs of packaging and product materials are negligible (especially when it comes to quality topical products), but you can buy CBD-free gummy bears and face creams for a fraction of the cost and there’s a good reason for that: quality CBD extract is not cheap. Also, a pretty box will not help with your anxiety, insomnia or aches and pains in any way whatsoever! As a potential customer, all you should be concentrating on is the actual, physical amount of CBD extract you receive in exchange for your hard-earned cash.

It’s All About Dosage!

Many people don’t realise that you can achieve a specific, desired dosage of CBD using any strength of CBD product. By way of example: if your target dosage was 50mg of CBD per day you could achieve that by eating ten 5mg gummies, or two 25mg soft gel capsules, or by taking just a few drops of a 3000mg / 10ml oil. It largely boils down to aspects of personal taste, discretion and ease-of-use. So you can purchase any size and any strength you like and adjust your intake to reach your preferred dosage, but the bottom line remains the same: how much CBD are you getting for your money?

It’s Also All About Volume!

This is probably the biggest factor in creating the confusion many people struggle with, especially when it comes to CBD oils. Here’s the issue: a 30ml bottle of 10% oil contains +/- 3 grams (3000mg) of CBD, but a 10ml bottle of 10% oil only contains +/- 1 gram (1000mg) of CBD. So while both labels state the same percentage, you’re getting 1/3 of the actual, physical amount of CBD in the 10ml bottle due to the difference in volume between the two products. Many people make the mistake of taking the stated percentage as an absolute value, when it’s actually relative to volume. (Once again, see: You are paying for CBD).

Measuring and labelling by weight rather than percentage is also affected by product volume, but we feel that this method is by far the most straightforward and least likely to mislead. By weight, it doesn’t matter if you purchase a 30ml bottle of 1500mg oil or a 10ml bottle of 1500mg oil – you still get the full, stated 1500mg of CBD and you can then easily calculate just how much you are paying per milligram and how much you would need to take of each size oil to achieve your target dosage.

To Wrap It Up

Theory is all very well, but a real-life example might illustrate the issue far more vividly:

A major, very well-known health food and supplement store here in the UK is selling (as at mid-July 2020) a 10ml bottle of 2.75% CBD extract in a Hemp Seed carrier oil for £19.99. Sounds reasonable enough, until you do the calculations and work out that you are paying 19.99 for 275mg of CBD. That’s 7p per milligram.
In comparison, our Cornwall Hemp Company 10ml, 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD extract in Hemp Seed carrier oil costs £36. That might sound a little pricey in comparison, but when you do the exact same calculations you’ll find that you’d be paying 3.6p / mg instead of 7p. That’s a 48.5% saving for the exact same amount of CBD.

As you can see, this stuff matters. CBD buyer beware!

Taking all the factors above into account, we steer well clear of labelling our products in percentage CBD content due to the potential for confusion. We simply state how many milligrams of CBD are contained in our products, and provide laboratory tests to back up our stated figures. And, as always, we remain committed to providing the best quality CBD products at fair and reasonable prices.

We genuinely hope that the information provided here will help you make better choices when it comes to purchasing CBD products, and might even prevent you from wasting your money on products and companies that don’t quite do what it says on their tins!

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